Powder Valley Home Inspections, LLC

Knowledge Is the Key to Your Home!

Powder Valley Home Inspections, LLC

Why We’re the Right Choice

For any given area of the country, there are typically several home inspectors to choose from. So how can you know which choice is the best choice? At Powder Valley Home Inspections, LLC, we believe that we have a strong case for why you’ll want to go with us. We arrive to each property fully prepared and proud to represent our customers, performing a comprehensive home inspection that’s geared toward your protection. It’s our goal to uncover the defects that are present in a home so that you have the knowledge and confidence to move forward with a secure investment. And it doesn’t stop there! We also take the time to make sure that our customers are educated on any potential long-term maintenance issues—giving you a clear outlook on the kinds of things you might expect from your prospective home in the future.

Powder Valley Home Inspections, LLC

Clearly Written Digital Inspection Reports

Once we’ve finished up our evaluation of a property, we’ll send a complete report of our findings within 24-48 hours. Our reports are detailed and written in a way that’s easily understood, featuring a multitude of photographs to aid in your comprehension of pertinent issues. To make your home inspection experience even more valuable, we also include access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.

Staying One Step Ahead With the CRL™

  • The streamlined CRL™ feature provides an intuitive interface for homebuyers to generate an organized project and repair request list from their inspection findings
  • Simply click through a series of prompts to move defective items from your report over to your request list, choosing between three request options: repair, replacement, or reimbursement
  • You and your real estate agent can easily work on your request list together, accessing the feature from nearly any device with an internet connection

Proudly Serving the South Central Willamette Valley and Central Oregon Coast

We offer professional property inspection services for prospective buyers and sellers throughout the South Central Willamette Valley and all along the Central Oregon Coast.

Educate & Elevate

Powder Valley Home Inspections, LLC makes every effort to discover existing defects within a home’s structure and installed systems, communicating everything we find in order to educate and elevate our clients as they prepare to make a critical decision about a purchase. Contact us today to request an inspection. Weekend appointments are available by request.